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We import beans from Burundi; we work directly with farmers to make sure that you are getting the best products available.


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We are sourcing the best quality of coffee from BURUNDI. We were born there and have strong relations with the farmers; we know them and they know us. We only work with those who are ready to embrace our rules:

  • “No pain, no gain”. The quality of coffee depends on how much effort is dedicated to the coffee, from the beginning to the end.
  • “Unity is strength”. We are working with farmers in association. It’s easy for us and beneficial for the farmers.
  • “Everyone must follow the law”. We work with farmers respectful to the country and International Law. Among them, not to hire children and to give equal opportunities for women.
  • “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” and “you can’t bite the hand that feeds you”. The environment is really important for us. If no efforts are made to protect the environment today, it will be too late tomorrow; this will affect the culture and the people alike.
  • “Appreciation changes everything”. The farmers give us very good quality coffee, therefore we must pay them accordingly.

“When you buy Burundian Coffee, you buy quality and YOU partner in caring for people in the poorest country in the world.”